Autism Community Trust (ACT) is a nonprofit organization that supports other service-oriented nonprofits in our local community. We are a 100% volunteer based group. Our goal is to make it easier for organizations to provide services to people with disabilities. Our newest and biggest project is the ACT Center located at 4534 West Hacienda Avenue Suite B, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89118.

The ACT Center is a 2500 square-foot facility that houses a theater room, chill lounge, guardian space, Xbox room, and a warehouse with foosball, ping-pong, a drum set, and other age-appropriate games. This space includes a non-alcoholic bar with beverages and snacks to further enhance the experience.


Our Mission

This facility was built to ensure young adults with disabilities, ages 18 and up, have a place to hang out and socialize. Autism Community Trust doesn’t provide any programming, our goal is to have a safe space available to groups and organizations that provide social opportunities for people with disabilities.

Non-profit organizations and for-profit businesses providing social and vocational opportunities for adults with disabilities are welcome

Without your help it’s not possible

In order to make this venue free for non-profit organization and affordable to businesses in our community we are looking for supporters to help cover expenses.

Autism: Awareness, Acceptance, INCLUSION

Your gift can make a life time of memories